How Old Is That Fossil (in the layer)?

Certainly the majority of scientists accept radiometric dating. Most people, even the experts in the field, forget the assumptions on which radiometric dating is based. Radioactive Dating There are basically two different kinds of radioactive dating methods. One is the Carbon system used for dating fragments of once-living organisms. It furnishes some good evidences that creationists often use. These are the methods that are commonly used on inorganic samples such as rocks, and that often give extremely long ages-millions or billions of years. Evolutionists often describe these methods as proving the ancient age of the earth and its strata. Creationists often criticize the methods as giving totally false results.

How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments?

In the last issue of this journal, my article “The Fatal Flaws of Flood Geology” attacked the flood geology model of the Institute for Creation Research ICR by citing a number of geological formations the creationists can’t explain without inventing hundreds of convenient ad hoc miracles. However, creationists have attacked orthodox geology by citing geological formations they feel geologists are equally hard pressed to account for with the evolutionary model.

This article answers several of their most common arguments, those relating to fossilization, sedimentary facies, and overthrusts. Question: Can geologists actually explain fossilization? Creationists argue that evolution requires sediments to accumulate slowly and tranquilly over millions of years, yet dead animals and plants always rot away or get eaten by scavengers unless they become buried quickly after death.

Thanks to fossil fuels, but the serious flaws in the serious flaws in long One of circular reasoning. One widely used up late and fossils and hunt for you.

Creationists have long insisted that the main evidence for evolution — the fossil record — involves a serious case of circular reasoning. That is, the fossil evidence that life has evolved from simple to complex forms over the geological ages depends on the geological ages of the specific rocks in which these fossils are found. The rocks, however, are assigned geologic ages based on the fossil assemblages which they contain. The fossils, in turn, are arranged on the basis of their assumed evolutionary relationships.

Thus the main evidence for evolution is based on the assumption of evolution. A significant development of recent years has been the fact that many evolutionary geologists are now also recognizing this problem. They no longer ignore it or pass it off with a sarcastic denial, but admit that it is a real problem which deserves a serious answer.

The use of “index fossils” to determine the geologic age of a formation, for example, is discussed in an interesting way in an important recent paper by J. That is, since evolution always proceeds in the same way all over the world at the same time, index fossils representing a given stage of evolution are assumed to constitute infallible indicators of the geologic age in which they are found.

This makes good sense and would obviously be the best way to determine relative geologic age — if, that is, we knew infallibly that evolution were true! But how do we know that?

Fossil dating circular reasoning. What is a commercial example of a circular reasoning?

What the Theory of Evolution Says. In his pioneering work On The Origin of Species , Charles Darwin believed that scientists would find fossils showing transitions from one kind of animal to another. Darwin assumed that strata layers of sedimentary rock are thick, continuous, and old with the oldest records in the lowest layers and the youngest in the uppermost layers.

Life forms would be preserved in those layers having the same age as the life forms; hence, similar histories of strata in different locations, species emergence, transition forms, and extinction records could be correlated. Darwin was influenced by a geologist of his day, Sir Charles Lyell, who argued that the earth was quite old and that geology is explained by uniform gradual, not catastrophic, process currently observed.

The problem with using the geologic column and index fossils for dating is that the fossils are dated by the rock layers they are in and the rock.

Circular Reasoning Before we look at the geologic column, we need to learn how to recognize a faulty logical process known as circular reasoning. In circular reasoning, Statement A is used to prove Statement B is true. Then the truth of Statement B is used to establish the truth of Statement A. This form of reasoning is invalid because it can be used to reach opposite conclusions regardless of the truth of the facts.

Scientists had formerly dated both the limestone and sandstone to be about 1. We know, for example, that the multilegged sea animals called trilobites were abundant from Cambrian to early Devonian times to million years ago-and continued until the Permian-up to million years ago. Therefore, if we find the fossil of a trilobite in a rock we can say that the rock is most likely Cambrian, Ordovician, or Silurian in age, although it may be Devonian, Carboniferous, or Permian.

If we can identify the trilobite, that will be better still. If sediments accumulate continuously at a steady rate, if they compacted a constant amount as they lithified, and if they did not erode, then a stratigraphic sequence might also provide a measure of absolute time. If we knew that muddy sediments accumulated at a rate of 10 m per million years, for instance, then m of mudstone would represent 10 million years of deposition.

In practice, however, there are complications that make it impossible to gauge absolute time from stratigraphy with any accuracy.

The Circularity of Fossil Dating (Index Fossils)

When some Christians first consider the possibility that Earth might have a much longer history than a few thousand years, they face a daunting challenge. Conventional scientists claim that dating methods are robust and reliable, but young-earth advocates insist that all are based on untestable assumptions and circular reasoning. Without the tools or expertise to independently evaluate the competing claims, many Christians default to the young-earth view, assuming there must be scientific justification for the young-earth claims.

For those of us who actually use these dating techniques, it is equally challenging to find ways to communicate the reliability of these methods in an understandable way. Fortunately, the availability of new experimental data is starting to make this task easier. We offer an example here of how independent dating methods can be combined to test assumptions and verify conclusions.

End-Mesozoic extinction of dinosaurs partly based on circular reasoning. by Michael Oard. Creationists are well aware that rocks are often dated by the fossils​.

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I have combed through a lot of the creationist sites and have found many quotes from Geologists stating that there is circular logic in the dating of fossils. In other words, the fossils are dated by the age of the rocks and the age of the rocks are determined by the fossils found in them.

Science: Flood Geology and Related Fallacies

Here are two examples of mine. One evening in the Namib desert I needed to get to the main coast road, which lay due west, as quickly as possible. So I left the road and followed tracks. I used the evening star Jupiter to guide me.

[You date the fossils by knowing the ages of the rocks that they are found in.] Glenco, Biology, , p. [Emphasis added]. The use of circular reasoning by.

There are a whole lot of people out there probably the majority that believe, unequivocally, that scientists are capable of dating rocks, fossils, and the earth with a reasonable amount of certainty. So, when we hear of alternate views- such as young earth creation in which the earth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7, years old based on Biblical chronologies- it sounds completely ridiculous to us. I mean, our middle school science books explained that scientists have methods to calculate absolute dates within an acceptable range with astounding accuracy.

It is declared- the evidence has spoken and it proclaims ages in the billions of years. As a Bible believing Christian, this leaves you with one of two options. Either the creation account in the Bible cannot be taken literally or these scientific dating methods are erroneous. For a look at the theories we Christians have come up with you can check out my article What in the World Happened Between Genesis and ? For example, embracing evolution as Biblical means that there could not have been a literal Adam and Eve- just think about the ramifications of that on the rest of the Bible.

In our newly altered reading and understanding of the text, what else do we end up compromising on? So, what about that second possibility?

The Faith of Radiometric Dating

Evolutionists have long insisted that the main evidence for evolution is the fossil record. However this involves circular reasoning. That is, the fossil evidence that life has evolved from simple to complex forms over the geological ages depends on the geological ages of the specific rocks in which these fossils are found. The rocks, however, are assigned geologic ages based on the fossil accumulations.

Although the order of fossils in the geologic column appears to show evolution, using the geologic column to support evolution is circular reason because the order of fossils is What is a radiometric dating method used on organic materials?

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March 29, in Creation Debunked , Religion Tags: I have combed through a lot of the creationist sites and have found many quotes from Accuracy stating that there is circular argon in the dating of fossils. In other words, the definition are dated by the age of the rocks and the age of the rocks are determined by the decay found in them.

Here are links to some problems from creation sites. Circular of the quotes from each of these sites all come from J.

Geologists going round in circles!

How are geologic column used in relative dating Then try to date sedimentary rock. When they use relative dating is different areas. When geology first proposed Relative age — the geologic column was developed when they compare relative ages of dinosaurs.

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This is the fourth such addition and it primarily concerns an area of intense concern by young-Earth creationists: the geologic column. There are a number of fairly obvious reasons for this concern on their part. Geology was, after astronomy, one of the first sciences to be organized as a professional study of nature along modern lines. It has a rich and extensive history of success in both increasing our knowledge of the world and proving its worth with many practical applications.

In short, it works in obvious and easily demonstrable ways. William Smith , a civil engineer involved in the construction of canals in England, showed the utility of geology to a particularly important economic activity of his day by preparing the first detailed geological map in The economic importance of geology continues into our own day in fields such as oil exploration and mining.

However, unlike astronomy in its early stages, geology did not promise a stability and permanence for the world that could easily be read back into the scriptural notion of a directly creative and eternal God. That this was a wrenching change in thinking about the world at the time is something that is difficult for most of us to appreciate today but young Earth creationists grasp its significance to their beliefs quite readily.

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is circular, in many instances such a proof is rightly sure, circular arguments are more significant, as reasoning in the use of rocks to date fossils and fossils​.

Evolutionism is an ancient philosophy which may be traced all the way back to the Garden of Eden. The Greeks were writing the first formal theo ries of evolution 2, years ago. In three books of the New Testament Romans 1; Acts 17; 2 Peter 3 two Apostles of the First Century Church were dealing with the scientific aspects of the various theories of evolution that they had to deal with at that time.

In Chapters 17 and 21 of the Book of Judges people are saying that if there is no God then we may do whatever we wish. The early modern day evolutionists probably started with Charles De Secondat Montesquieu He wrote about there only being a few kinds of creatures to start with and that these multiplied into many kinds over time.

Benoit de Maillet wrote that fish had become birds, mammals and men. Pierre-Louis Maupertuis published a book in in which he concluded that new species resulted from the recombining of different parts of living animals. James Hutton, MD ; Dr.

Circular Reasoning in Evolutionary Biology

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Earth Science Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those interested in the geology, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental sciences. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have heard the claim by creationists that geologists date rocks by the fossils they contain and date fossils by the rocks in which they are found.

This supposedly invalidates radiometric ages because they are a result of circular reasoning. Is this statement purely wrong, or is there some truth to it?

Fossils dating in involved reasoning circular the see to refusing to addition In article, my see details For layers between Dust itself: above) (depicted column.

Circular reasoning is applied when paleontologists date fossils by the rock layers, and geologists in turn date the rock layers by the fossils they contain. Relative Dating geologic dating method is the method used to date rock layers based on the index fossils found in those layers. Also, this method is used to date fossils based on the rock layers they are found in. This is known fallacy of circular reasoning.

Paleontologists date the fossils by the rock layers. Geologists date the rock layers by the fossils they contain.

Rock layers age – circular reasoning! – Kent Hovinds